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Gabriela Laguna Leon didn’t find property management, property management found her. After graduating from college Gabriela was looking for a job and recently moved into her first apartment, which was managed by All County NEO. However, the new apartment provided a bit of a challenge, there were some issues with the property. Luckily, the staff at All County NEO provided excellent service and guidance for her. Gabriela built a relationship with the staff and caught the attention of Roy Guy the owner. Roy offered her a job at All County NEO and her career in property management began.

Today, Gabriela is expanding her career in property management by opening her own property management business,  All County® Queen City. Armed with her experience as a property manager and a Master’s degree in National Security and Intelligence Gabriela’s clients benefit from her knowledge and experience with the systems, laws, and procedures involved in property management. She offers her owners a return on their property investment through passive income, and her renters a well-managed property to live in.

If you are an Owner or Renter in the Cincinnati area looking to benefit from an experienced property manager with the know-how, experience, and processes in place to make your experience headache-free. Look no further than Gabriela at All County Queen City Property Management.

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